Christian Salmon Sancerre review

24 08 2013

Today it’s a 2012 sauvignon blanc from France’s Sancerre region that goes for about $20.

Ahh, the French.  They still won’t tell me what WINE I’m drinking.  This being from Sancerre, it’s probably sauvignon blanc.

And it’s good.  Far better than the super-tart Cupcake sauvignon blanc from New Zealand.  But then again, it’s $20.  Cupcake is $8.

Of the 2009 vintage, one writer said:  “Crisp and clean as expected.  High acidity.  Great lemon lime citrus with a touch of earth.  Dry finish.  Textbook Sancerre.”  Take those words, and dilute them with a heaping helping of your local tap water. Yes, this wine is acidic, with citrus and dry minerality, which is nice.  It’s just a little too diluted for $20.

Because this Sancerre is a little weak and not terribly engaging,  I would not buy it again.  But don’t get me wrong — order a glass in any restaurant, and you’ll be happy.

Onward and upward, to search for a Sancerre we can really get excited about!

Not recommended.




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