Butterfield Station cabernet sauvignon review

2 09 2013

Today we check out a 2012 cabernet from the ????? area of California (meaning, the label just says California).  I bought it at Total Wine for $10.

I have high hopes for the 2012 wines we are starting to see from North America, because of various reports that have said it was a particularly good growing season.

But I’m not sure that Butterfield Station cabernet is typical of what 2012 wines will bring us.  Although it is smooth and refreshingly free from over-oaking, this cabernet is on the weak, bland side.  It tastes of cherry, with mild spice and a hint of blackberry.  Its label says “fruit forward,” which is true, but for me it veered close to being flat-out sweet.  It might be nice for someone who is just beginning to explore red wines.   It does noticeably improve with food.

Overall I think there are better cabernets for $10, so Butterfield Station is:

Not recommended.




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