Cruz Alta reserve cabernet sauvignon review

2 09 2013

Next, it’s a 2012 cabernet from Argentina that sells for $12 at  Total Wine.

Similar to its reserve malbec brother, the 2012 reserve cabernet from Cruz Alta is an attractive wine in the glass.  It has a better aroma than the reserve malbec, featuring vanilla, blackberry and herbs.  And, the cab is $3 cheaper than the $15 reserve malbec.

However, I wouldn’t buy this cabernet sauvignon again.  Like the malbec, it tastes a bit thin and sharp.  There is not enough red-wine-love in this glass for me to recommend, even though it did clearly improve as the bottle remained open for a few hours.

At $8 or $9, it would be a winner.  But at $12, the 2012 Cruz Alta cabernet sauvignon reserve is:

Not recommended.




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