Oak Ridge cabernet sauvignon review: PASS THE GRAVY

5 09 2013

Hi!  Let’s check out a 2012 cabernet sauvignon from California’s Lodi area, which I bought at Total Wine for $13.

If you like your red wines rich, jammy, and a bit different from all the look-alike California reds (make that taste-alike), you should try Oak Ridge’s 2012 cabernet.

It’s luxuriously fruity, and very zinfandel-ish:  prominent licorice combines with fresh red fruit and vanilla, balanced by soft tannins and a touch of oak.  This wine tastes like fall and Thanksgiving.

Oak RidgeMost importantly, it’s only $13 and doesn’t do anything wrong.  That’s big.  Now, if you need your red wine to be dry, you may not love Oak Ridge, because it sits on the sweeter side of the spectrum.  But your Wineguider doesn’t necessarily demand dry.   Just delicious.  And for me, the 2012 Oak Ridge cab is a winner.

At $13, highly recommended.




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