Chateau Guibon Bordeaux review

17 09 2013

Today we examine a 2009 red from France’s Bordeaux region, which goes for $14.99 at Total Wine.

OK I am not sure what Total Wine is thinking here, but I know what I’m thinking.  This wine is NO WAY a $15 bottle.  Yes, it is a 2009 Bordeaux.  Which means it should be awesome.  Robert Parker rates various 2009 Bordeaux areas here with a 99, 97, 98, 98, 93 and 96 (wow), each with a footnote that says “early maturing and accessible.”  A 93 went to St. Emilion, which is 9 miles north of this vineyard.  Unfortunately, this wine is not awesome at all.

Chateau Guibon is 50% merlot and 50% cabernet, with 13.5% alcohol.  For a $15 wine, it is thin, bitter, boring, flat, and generally a significant disappointment that should be priced closer to $8.99, where it would have received a nice positive recommendation.  Maybe I should mention the obligatory, “it’s good with food”?  Except, umm, I am having it with food right now.   Message to Total Wine’s pricing manager:  we’re not buying it.  Literally.

Not recommended.




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