Tiza malbec review

27 10 2013

Here’s a 2012 malbec from Mendoza, Argentina available at Total Wine for $20.

Tiza malbec is rich, inky black in your glass, and immediately likeable.  It’s not a fruit bomb.  It has a classy, sophisticated feel to it – dark black berries, coffee, tobacco, and just barely a tiny hint of vanilla.  Medium bodied.  We compared it to the $13 2012 Cline Ancient Vines zinfandel, which tasted like boiled-over unripe cherries and sugar in comparison.  Not as unfair a test as you might think — Cline makes some truly excellent value red (try their Cashmere – wow). tiz

Tiza could be priced a few dollars lower but I’m not going to quibble.  This is a clear buy.





One response

27 10 2013
Joe Stewart

Interesting review…but it sounded more like a bad review of the Cline Zin than the Tiza Malbec! I went to the $19.99 Tiza at Total Wine, and then found the 2011 Cline “Cashmere-wow” which Total Wine currently offers at $12.49. ?? So now I’m wondering how those two would compare…

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