Chateau Carignan Prima merlot (Bordeaux) review

2 11 2013

Today we examine a 2010 Bordeaux that is 100% merlot.  I found it at Total Wine for $25.

Here we have a nice example of a French red – robust, yet restrained.  Delicious fruit, yet not sweet.  But is the price too high?Yes and no.   Yes, because I paid $25 at Total Wine in Delaware for this “Prima” red, while those in Connecticut can get it for just $17 at the Norwalk Total Wine (is this some kind of typo?).  Note to readers in CT:  buying mass quantities of this wine is hereby declared a STATE EMERGENCY.  You can also get it for 15 euros, or $20, if you live in Europe, as shown on the Chateau Carignan website.

But at the same time, the $25 that I paid is not too high, because this wine is easily worth $35.  Dense, silky, dusty, ruby-red, earthy, black-fruited with espresso and cocoa for good measure, this wine is a MUST-TRY.  On the lighter side of full-bodied, but not overpowering.  Complex, yet not challenging.  I would almost — almost — call it a crowd-pleaser.   Quite a statement for any French red.  Enjoy it with steak and you’ll be in frog heaven.   This wine is:

Chateau-Carignan-PrimaHighly recommended.




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