Domaine Des Quatre Vents Fleurie (red burgundy) review: TOTAL WINE! WHY ARE YOU CHARGING $22 FOR THIS!?

16 11 2013

Today we look at a 2010 red from Fleurie, in France’s Burgundy region.  I bought it at Total Wine for $22.

This wine is a nice choice for Thanksgiving.  It’s not too strong, it has a good balance between light tannins and mild fruitiness (i.e. it’s not bone-dry) and it has flavors of black tea, nutmeg and cranberry, unique compared to American reds.  Even with these interesting flavors and some minerality, it’s not a stunner, and some might even find it a bit flat or slightly weird.  Tasting it with food, I was content.

Unfortunately, Total Wine has significantly over-priced it.  This behavior (mis-behavior?) is becoming more and more common at this mega-retailer.  Looking online I see this wine available for $15 at  Underpriced by $7 — that’s a lot.  But I also see prices of $9.94, $11.99, $12.99, $13.98, $14.88, $14.99, $15.99, and $16.99 at other retailers. . . in fact, Total Wine, with all its pricing power, charges the highest price in the country for this wine (as indicated by the non-pro version of WineSearcher).   As you see in the headline, your Wineguider is curious to know why.

I am sure they will answer me promptly.  Probably by courier.

I can recommend this Fleurie at $15, as a refreshing and nearly-elegant choice for holiday meals.  But at $22?  No way.




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