Down goes Chilensis! Down, goes, Chilensis!

21 12 2010

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My review of Chilensis pinot noir said it’s $9 a bottle, making this a value monster.  But Premier Wine in Delaware is now selling it for just $7.99.  Wow — after discovering this delicious bargain pinot, the last thing I expected was to see the price go down. And no, Delaware’s prices are not super low — Georgia and Florida are lower, for example.  

Chilensis pinot now displaces Five Rivers cabernet sauvignon as the most astounding red wine value that I’m aware of.  With the $7 Rosemount shiraz a close third.  Five Rivers and Rosemount are more crowd-pleasing than Chilensis pinot.  But if you love pinot, or you like that leathery South American wine thing, Chilensis is unbeatable.  Almost as unbeatable as George Foreman against the world’s heavyweight champion Joe Frazier, which you might want to skip if you have a delicate constitution:

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Chilensis reserva pinot noir review – WEB REDEMPTION

9 12 2010

Today we review a 2009 pinot noir from Chile that will cost you $9 at Total Wine.

This is a smoky yet juicy, leathery, slightly dry pinot noir.  Tasting it makes me think of those South American scenes at the end of Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, even though that was Bolivia.  The arrow below points to the origin of this wine, Chile’s Maule Valley.

It smells great — like a box full of expensive spices AND high quality coffee cake — and it has a MANLY taste:  medium bodied, some tannins, and some dark fruit. 

And it utterly redeems the Chilensis name, after my recent encounter with this label’s carménère.  At this price, even at $13, Chilensis pinot noir is a no-brainer. 

I say, buy it.


Chilensis reserva pinot noir review