Montoya pinot noir review: HUNG JURY?

15 09 2012

Today we review a 2010 pinot noir from California’s Monterey County, which I acquired at Total Wine for $16.

This pinot isn’t spectacular but, importantly for a pinot noir, it doesn’t really do anything wrong.  It has cola, earth, tart raspberries and is nicely acidic, yet sometimes also strikes me as a little bit sweet.  I can’t quite get a handle on it.

One thing I do know — I’m going to recommend it.  But it’s not a raving recommendation.  Montoya is nice, but at $16 it verges on overpriced.  Wine shows that several places are selling it for $12.  Now that’s more like it (and, would land this pinot an enthusiastic recommendation if I could find that price).

Further, these days I am used to Monterey pinots being surprisingly delicious, not merely nice.  Bottom line, I’m not sure that I will buy it again, but it’s so drinkable that I must declare it to be:

Montoya pinot noirRecommended.




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